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There are a lot of ways one can make money online but my favorite is blogging. Basically, I create blogs in a certain topic or niche and start monetizing them from the start. I don’t wait before I start monetizing my blogs as to get the readers used to the available ads. If you aim to make money from your blog, monetize the blog from the beginning.

That’s it. I just create blogs to make money online. This is what I do and this what I love besides earning money from the blogs. I have been doing this since September 2007 and never look back ever since. I can stop blogging or stop updating my blogs for a year but the checks will always come at the end of the month. This is residual income. Off course if I don’t do anything, my income will start dropping. What I’m trying to say here is that blogging is a great tool to make money residual money on the internet.

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